Batch Cooking Session

Three chicken and three beef recipes prepped in 30 minutes or less!

Meal prep with me! 

Fast, easy, fed! This method of batch cooking blows me away. We won't spend hours dirtying every knife, cutting board, bowl, pot, or pan. And we won't spend hours cleaning afterwards. 

We will prep live in two different sessions, one for chicken and one for beef. You'll get an ebook with instructions and recipes. Can't join the live? There will be a video to watch whenever you're ready!

You'll get a list of simple ingredients like meats, veggies, and seasonings, and together we will make delicious meals you can serve fresh to your family. 

You can even choose how to cook them because I'll provide cooking instructions for the slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, and Dutch Oven. 

If you're already a member of Kristie's Cooking Community, there's no need to register. Batch Cooking sessions are FREE for Cooking Community members! 
Use code TEAM KETO to save $10 off a 90-day Cooking Community membership and get access to both the Cooking Community and the Batch cooking sessions for only $67 (for 90 days).

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