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Even if you know what to eat, following a low-carb or keto diet can be hard day-to-day. Our cooking community teaches you how to make food choices to support your success with a focus on simple, sustainable solutions as well as fun, enjoyable foods. 

The struggle to stay on plan consistently to see results can be exhausting. This community, led by someone who’s been there, helps to ensure success. Even if you’ve tried and failed, even if you don’t have supportive others, learning how to overcome barriers will empower you.

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A Cooking Community to help you learn the basics of cooking, shopping, and eating - LIVING - low carb or keto. 

This community is for you if you:

  • Want to learn how to shop for truly low-carb or keto ingredients and want to learn how to use those ingredients to create healthy, keto meals
  • Are confused about what foods you should eat 
  • Want to know how to cook healthy meals your family will enjoy even if they aren’t eating low carb or keto
  • Tried keto before but weren’t able to sustain it
  • Need a clear, consistent message that cuts through all of the craziness 
  • Want to improve your cooking skills and add new recipes to your repertoire
  • Crave tasty foods that help you to meet your goals
  • Will flourish with community support of others facing the same challenges and succeeding
  • Want to cook with ME in live, interactive sessions
  • Are eager to learn about convenience products that won’t hinder your success 
  • Want your questions answered in an environment that is quiet, organized, and focused 


If you’ve ever tried low carb or keto, but you’ve been hungry between meals, became bored with food, or felt deprived because you missed certain foods, then you will love having healthy, delicious meals that leave you feeling satisfied.

I want to join now!

Me too! Maybe you want to try keto or low carb for health reasons, but you don’t want to suffer. I agree. You don’t have to struggle.

Let’s explore meals that require little to no cooking or 15-minute meals that make you look like a rockstar to your family, and more importantly, dazzle your own taste buds!

Need some guidance with shopping or knowing what foods to stock? Maybe you simply lack confidence in the kitchen? That’s okay. I was new to this too once. Let me show you how I’ve been cooking—and eating—keto since June 2013. 

Focused, practical content that’s immediately useful

From day one, you will get information that helps you to know how to shop, how to create low-carb meals, and how to make this way of eating easy. 

You’ll get support from someone who’s real, relatable, approachable, and has overcome many of the same challenges you’re facing.

Kristie Sullivan is the best-selling author of five books and the leader of a closed Facebook with over 200,000 members! Her YouTube channel has over 100K subscribers, but those aren’t the most important things you should know about her.

Kristie spent a lifetime struggling with obesity. She became overweight at the age of 3 and has struggled her entire life. You can hear Kristie share her story here:

In 2013, Kristie was desperate to lose weight, discovered a keto diet and lost over 100 lbs without crazy diets and exercise. As Kristie transformed the way she and her family ate, she noticed all of the people around her who were struggling just as she had struggled all of her life. Her heart ached because she knew the struggle first hand, and she also knew how wonderful it felt to no longer struggle. 

Kristie made it her mission to help others. She knows that everyone who has struggled with weight is frequently targeted by someone who wants to sell a pill, a plan, or a potion. Kristie knows the real magic is in changing your food, and she wants to show you exactly how she did it. And she wants you to know it can be easy, delicious, and life-changing!

Live Support & Accountability

  • Membership in an exclusive community only for members.

  • Live Q and A calls. Submit questions in advance for focused conversations or just come to chat with others who understand. 

  • A place to ask questions and get consistent answers.
  • Share your successes and your frustrations. Your voice may be one that others need to hear.


  • Cook alongside Kristie to see, learn, and create together.

  • View videos to help you learn cooking techniques.

  • Try recipes knowing that Kristie’s perfected them first.

  • Create along with Kristie as she develops new recipes.

  • Submit recipes to get help tweaking them to fit your macros. 


  • Develop habits to increase your confidence in the kitchen and in eating low-carb. 

  • Identify potential barriers and create strategies for overcoming barriers before they become overwhelming.

  • Get tips for making budget meals. 

  • Learn to create quick, easy meals.

  • Enjoy ideas for batch cooking and freezer meals that give you freedom from the kitchen.

  • Be assured that everything you learn will focus on how to make keto a more natural part of your life. 

  • Develop new habits and routines to make eating differently easier even when eating outside of your own kitchen. 

  • Know what to cook or eat each week.

  • Plan for success even when you fail to plan or when you’re not a fan of planning. 

  • Become empowered to grocery shop and buy ingredients with greater ease and effectiveness.
I want results!

It takes about three months to create new habits, so I ask you for a three month commitment of learning how to create new recipes and yummy meals so that these three months turn into a lifetime of healthy changes.

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Guilt free birthday for my husband. He turns 56 today and is in the best shape of his life (since high school). He’s lost 50 pounds this year thanks to Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan and her cook books. I’m not far behind him with my weight, and I'm enjoying Keto cupcakes!

Thanks to my friend Sue for encouraging me to try Keto with this group 16 months ago. Approximately 35 lbs gone, no more Lipitor or Metformin and down a couple of sizes. Never felt better!

Thumbs up to Keto Living Day by Day. I wish I had that cookbook when I first started. It explains Keto in such an understandable way as well as provide you shopping guides, meal plans and absolutely delicious recipes.

If you're not knowledgeable on, keto buy Keto Living Day By Day. If you want easy kid-friendly meals, Growing Up Keto. If you have lots of big family get-togethers, Keto Gatherings.

Keto Living Day by Day, Crazy Busy Keto, Growing Up Keto, Journey to Health and Keto Gatherings is my suggestion and in that order. I use all of them for different reasons but Day by Day has been the bible of keto for me

Keto Living Day by Day! Everything you need to know, and understand, to enjoy life on Keto.

On the left: 2019 with my oldest daughter when she was Chief Marshall at graduation where I’m assistant principal.
On the right: 2021 with my next daughter graduating.
Same graduation gown: 50 lbs lighter. When I sat down on the stage, it didn’t even pull. Last year I was scared the zipper would bust.
How did I do it: Seriously, this group, Kristie’s books, a life style I can stick to. This has been the best year of my life. Now, I’m waiting for my creamy ice cream from Gatherings to finish so we can celebrate with some homemade vanilla ice cream!

NSV - My insulin use has been cut by 65% over the last 10 days with eating Keto. My BG average for 10 days is under 125...haven't seen those numbers in a few years. Can't wait to get an HA1c test in October. Also went to our city park, walked around the lake and fished, didn't get out of breath, didn't have knee pain.

NSV! I had my yearly physical today and my doctor hasn’t really seen me face to face in a while. She was like, "Girl! What are you doing?" She flipped back through my chart and said in December 2019 you were 173 pounds... and now you’re 146. I told her Keto. I was a little nervous that she’d say that’s not good, but I told her about Simply Keto Kristie Sullivan and she’s looking into it!

"My kids are picky" is an understatement. 🙄
But they loved the Asian Lettuce Cups!
And very easy to make. 😋 Growing Up Keto cookbook.

I made the beef stroganoff from Growing Up Keto, for dinner tonight. The kids RAVED about it several times. They are 8 and 6. My son was even dancing in his chair because it was so good. Wow! Thank you Kristie for yet another amazing meal!

I don’t see it everyday. I don’t look at the scale or my glucose or ketone numbers anymore. I eat when I’m hungry. I’m intentional in my protein and I am satisfied with my pies, muffins, and cookies that make me feel normal and not deprived. A memory came up from 2 years ago, so I did a quick selfie because in my mind I still look like the left picture. Shocking when I put these side by side. I have dimples and I don’t look as fluffy! Thanks to this page for constantly giving me inspiration and support.

It's UNBELIEVABLE to me! 50lbs lost, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you Kristie, for giving me cookbooks that give me options that I can STICK WITH!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I agree with all you said you have to ask yourself why you  are doing this and for me it’s health. I have been very low carb since 2009, and my  diabetes is all diet controlled. I was kinda out there by myself until I met you Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan. 8 years ago it opened up a whole new world of choices. I never feel deprived. I look at it like I am allergic to carb foods. They are not good in my body. Thanks for all you do!

When I received my type 2 diagnosis a year ago it was a do or die feeling. I took it completely serious and turned it all around. Now living with diabetes controlled by diet alone. 
Several years ago when I went from Paleo to keto, you were one of the first keto influencers that really had an effect on my life. You continue to inspire me years later. I appreciate you so much!

Started my journey on September 16 last year. I reached my goal today! Thank ALL of you for the recipes, ideas, encouragement and positive group atmosphere! I’ve recommended this group and Kristie’s recipes more times than I can count! Paying it forward right?

I’m so thankful for this lifestyle and how it’s healing my body from the inside out. The recipes and encouragement from this group and from Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan are delicious and make this a lifestyle not just a diet. I’m thankful that each day it becomes easier and easier to pass on the junk that was ruining my health and quite literally my life. I am getting closer and closer to being off or reduced pills for health issues! Thank you for the blessing of this fantastic group!

My husband says I should be a spokesperson for Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan, her cookbooks and this page. There's not a person I meet that hardly doesn't ask or that I don't tell about this way of eating. We both worked in the medical field and have had lots of friends and doctors reach out to us with questions on how we did this. I'm always happy to tell them our journey and say look up this gal named Kristie. She will change your life🥰🥰🥰

I've been keto for over two years and tend to follow Kristie Sullivan's recipes, advice, etc. (LOVE her!). I started at 186, lost 16 pounds and kind of relaxed at 170, though I wanted to go to around 160. In the last year, I put 6-8 pounds back on (it fluctuates), even remaining on keto. Recently, I decided to try intermittent fasting. I never have in the past because I felt just keto was for me. My scale is moving, and I'm noticing other NSVs.

Thank you Kristie for teaching me how to eat. And thanks to all of you for your support every day.

You can tell that Kristie put her heart in soul into the cooking videos that she puts out there for free on YOUTUBE! I found her by accident searching for keto recipes! The recipes in the books and the videos are a life saver and help me stay on track! ❤️

I celebrate Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan ‘s influence on my life as a tremendous gift. I have all her books.

I am so thankful for this group and for all Kristie has done for the low carb keto community. I am a benefactor of her loving commitment to educating and teaching us a better way to eat and reverse so many health issues.

I knew absolutely nothing about Keto until I "accidentally " found Kristie on Youtube. I lost 50lbs the first year using her recipes. My health is great and my energy has soared! Nothing is free in a business owner I know first hand what it takes to run a business while married and with children. Thank you Kristie.....your recipes and knowledge on Keto foods and information on healthy living has altered my life for the better.

I had also stumbled upon her video that had me in tears about her discovery of Keto. She makes me laugh, makes me feel part of her wonderful family and also makes me love her.

I have been following Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan since the beginning not only does she give of herself so does the rest of her family she treats us all like family too she does care about everyone’s story she understands because she has been

She has literally SAVED so many people from diseases and obesity, helped with self esteem and on and on. God bless her and may she get all the rewards and blessings one can get. She is our hero.

Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan is why I started Keto. So open and real! She has opened her entire life to people and is clearly a loving, kind, considerate person that wants to help others.

I also started here in 2017. Watched and used all her videos like my life depended on it. And it might have as I was pre-diabetic. And am NO LONGER. 😊. Hundreds and likely thousands are just like me. We owe Kristie a lot. I have and use all her books and it’s a small investment in my health for a huge benefit. She’s a trailblazer. I love her for it. Literally tears in my eyes.

I tell people that if it's Kristie's recipe, then it is good. That is because she bought a lot of ingredients and experimented until just right. That costs time and money. I will buy a cookbook if I trust the author. Also, Kristie monitors her groups and helps people 24/7. She is real, sharing, caring.

Oh my goodness!!! Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan SAVED my life!!!! I have bought ALL her books, some more than once, some more than twice to give them away!

I just started on here about 5 or 6 weeks ago, her books and messages have help me more than I can say! If it wasn’t for the recipes and encouragement I would not be able to do this! The recipes are so good and easy which I never like the cooking in the kitchen but been amazed how easy and fast a lot of it has been! Before I always got bored and would quit but fill like her books has save me!! Thank you so much Kristie!!

Discovering Kristie has changed my life. If only I had found her 30 years ago. I am grateful for all the effort and support she has given me, and I know, countless others.

I so appreciate the dedication, encouragement and hours and hours that's she has researched, toiled over recipes to make these recipes available. Kristie genuinely cares!

My first "contact" with Kristie was on the Diet Doctor website and watching her interview. I cried. She was and still is such an inspiration to me. She is my hero.

Thank you for everything you've done. My family is healthier because I found you & have stuck with you & your amazing recipes

I too, was searching grain and sugar free on the web over 5 years ago, because doctor said to cut my carbs or I was very near SD. I accidentally ran across Kristie's YouTube where she talks about her life. With tears in her eyes and also in mine, I watched and thought to myself, this sounds just like me growing up. It's exactly me! I had done low carb years before and knew it worked, but I was completely lost giving up the grains and sugar! I pinned every recipe or copied it down. I bought Kristie's first book. It has great recipes that have become staples in my menus. Easy and delicious and they turn out delicious every time I make them. I've purchased all of Kristie's books since and they are so worth the cost! When I decided to go grain and sugar free, I didn't think I'd lose the weight and go back to my old ways of baking and eating. I've been on so many diets that didn't work, and left me way to heavy, have had high BP for 40 years, and was pre-diabetic for over 10 years and getting worse. This way of eating, had to be for life!! Since I started cooking this way, I've never made a dish using my old way of eating! I refuse to! Family gatherings are my way at our house and I know everyone will enjoy the dish. I'm learning to keep it simple. We don't have to spend the whole day in the kitchen fixing way to many dishes. All we need is a main dish, and a couple lower carb veggies or salad and that's it. I'm still a work in progress, but my BP numbers have been improving since I started this woe. I had a stroke in June 2017 which BP was the main cause. I'm very grateful that I had been following this woe for about a year and a half before I had the stroke. I was lucky and recovered completely in a few days. But it still took about 4 months to get my strength back. Hubby cooked me all keto meals during those months. He learned to keep it simple! I'm so grateful for Kristie who has made my life so much easier, having recipes that are delicious and satisfying and I know I can trust to keep me on the path to a healthy life!

Kristie was my main go-to when my husband and I did Keto for the first time back in 2019. Her recipes were an essential part of our lives and credited with the success we had. Still do her crack slaw, with chicken. I have two of her cook books. I have shared them with friends who needed assistance. She is amazing and I owe her my gratitude for the ease of commencing a lifestyle change

I’m grateful to Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan for sharing her wisdom, her time, her love and her talents with me! I am forever grateful for her cooking talents so I’m not suffering through starvation diets or more cabbage soup🤮, or suffering through weeks of aches and pains. Thank you Kristie

I am so grateful for Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan as all the recipes are so practical and have made my lifestyle change so delightful

I highly recommend any class from Kristie. Kristie takes the time to answer everyone’s questions and helps when things might not go right for some people.

I learned to trust the process! Thank goodness Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan was there to help us troubleshoot from soup, to splashes, to cottage cheese and then miracle of miracles - Italian meringue buttercream! I would have given up multiple times if it weren’t for her calm direction. So fun to do this with other members and learning together. Can’t wait to do this again!!

We had so much fun making the rainbow layer cake and Italian buttercream frosting today! My daughter-in-law and 8 year old granddaughter baked with me. Love making memories and such healthy delicious treats with her! Thank you Kristie!


I hope you’ll join me on your own journey. Whether you’re just starting or you’re looking for encouragement to continue on, there’s a place for you at my table.

Save a Place at the Table 🍴